Learning from the young



We are never too old to learn and we can learn from everyone, including the young.  I also think that one of the ways we stay young is to stay in touch with the young: their ideas, music, fashion.  I’m not saying I shouldn’t grow old and grow old gracefully.  But I’m still alive, and I should still be growing.  I’m also not saying that I should try to act or dress like a younger person.  But subtle influences can be nice.

Let’s take hair for example.  When I was in my teens and early twenties there was no YouTube.  There were no natural hair videos.  So now I’m 50.  There aren’t many 50-year-olds on YouTube telling me how to do my hair.  But there are lots of twenty somethings and I’ve really enjoyed listening to them share about their natural hair journeys, styles, and proper care. I’ve learned a lot from them and from the young women in my office who wear their hair natural.

By the way, the very cute girl above is Shinestruck. You can visit her website here.

I tried this hairstyle.  I thought it was cute and I copied it pretty well.  Of course, my husband called me Elvis.  :)


Girl, please.

Originally posted on whatever. 489:

How is it that whenever I feel like I finally mastered something down and start becoming a know-it-all, Jesus stops me in my tracks and is like:

 Girl, please. Stop acting like you’re a boss. I love you, so here…this might hurt a little, but it’s for your good because that’s how much I love you.

Seriously, every time.

This time it was with something I think it’s pretty safe to say I have struggled with my whole life: MODESTY. For real guys,  I think it’s one of the most touchiest issues in the entire world. Everyone explodes whenever there is an argument about it.

[I mean, either that or whether crushed or cubed ice is better.It's definitely kinda hard to choose between the two. Just sayin'.]

Okay, but seriously. The struggle is real, guys!

I feel like everyone and their mother [Literally. Everyone && their mothers] has a different…

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Notes in my cookbooks


When I make something from my cookbooks, I try to make add a notation on the recipe page.  I might write things to change for next time, tips, whether people liked it or not, whether this is a winner, or a never to make again. Who knows, these cookbooks may become my granddaughters or great granddaughters one day. I’m sure they will laugh at some of the notations like the one I wrote today after my lamb and green bean casserole recipe:

“Walter hated. Haters gonna hate.”




Fashion is a secret pleasure.  Whether we are into fashion or not, we all have our own style. We have to wear clothes. Why not have fun?

My take on fashion is to cover my body sufficiently. To be modest and humble. To not let it go to my head.  To not be obsessive. To have fun and be creative. To strive for simplicity and not have too many clothes and to not spend too much money or time on it.

What are your thoughts on fashion?  What’s the first word that comes to mind when you hear the word fashion?


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