What is a saint?



A saint is a person with an exceptional degree of holiness. In Christianity, saint has a wide variety of meanings: a believer who is “in Christ” and in whom Christ dwells, Christians that are in heaven, holy people who live extraordinary lives, or a person who has responded to God’s invitation to use his or her unique gifts.

God calls each one of us to be a saint.  Be a saint!

By the way, St. Patrick is one of my favorite saints.  I love how he looks a little black here.  :)



All things must come to an end


We fall in love with things and people
And inevitably
Things change
And end
People age and die
Jobs come and go
Friends move and drift away
That favorite shirt loses a button and 
Eventually wears away

Life is a constant changing
Ebbing and flowing
Beginning and ending
Beginning kisses
Ending kisses

It is hard to say goodbye
And yet goodbye
is the most useful word
We will ever learn



Beauty can be a blessing or a curse.  It’s all in how you use it.  Are you using your beauty for good?

A gentle and quiet spirit has imperishable beauty and is precious in God’s sight.


Charm is deceitful, and beauty is vain, but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised.

Proverbs 31:30


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