PMS Brownies


These brownies are called PMS brownies because they are sweet and salty. I guess. On Sunday, my husband and I are going on a 21 day diet to jumpstart healthy eating and living. So of course we had to go out with a bang. 

Start with your fave brownie mix. Top with 1/4 to 3/4 c crushed Cape Cod Sea Salt Waffle Style Potato Chips and 3/4 to 1 c chocolate chips. Push chips into batter. Bake as instructed. Snarf down. Seriously, just have one. :)

Each day a new beginning

Camas Prairie at Sunset, Idaho, USA


We each get a life.  For some of us that life may last 100 years.  For others, only a few hours.  Most of us get multiple days and the beauty of that is that each day we get to start again. That is the hope that each sunrise brings.  A chance to do it again. To do it better.

Cain’t no one know at sunrise

How this day is going to end (an’ I’m tellin’ you)

Cain’t no one know at sunset

If the next day will begin

Sweet Honey In the Rock


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