I Remember



I remember being young and single

Going wherever the wind blew me

Hanging out with friends until 4 am

Falling in together after work

meeting at a restaurant

then moving to bar or club

no deadlines no curfews

no one to answer to, go home to

a free spirit

a kite

surrounded by so many people

laughing drinking

ignited with energy

the music loud

the room smoky

I remember being young and single

surrounded by so many people

(it was lonely)

Yard Sales


Hunting hunting

What can I find?

A trinket a treasure

A box made of pine

We walk along slowly

My husband and I

Browsing and thinking

Now what can I buy?

A chair for the kitchen

Some shelves for the den

A little glass chotchke

That’s shaped like a hen?

We each have a twenty

with which we can spend

If I run out of money

I’ll borrow he’ll lend


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