I am Chocolate…Dark Chocolate


I am reblogging this beautiful dessert for two reasons. I love sweets. And I shouldn’t have them. We have to do what works for us. Other people can eat sweets in moderation. I am better off avoiding. So please enjoy it for me.

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Rich and very addictive…

250g dark chocolate (70%)
250g butter
100g icing sugar
4 ml orange liqueur
5 eggs
crème fraîche or double cream to serve

Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas 4. Place a piece of aluminium foil over the base of the springform tin. The springform ring is then placed over the foil and secured onto the base, sandwiching the aluminium foil.
Melt the chocolate, butter and sugar in a bowl suspended over a pan of hot water, then add the liqueur.
In the separate bowl whisk the eggs until frothy. Very gently stir the eggs into the chocolate mixture .
Pour the batter into the prepared tin, wrap the bottom and sides with two layers of foil. This is to prevent water from the water bath leaking into the cake. Place the prepared springform tin onto a larger baking tray/tin and place it into the oven. Pour the…

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HR Manager



When I was a kid I liked to go to the bank with my mother. It wasn’t for the
lollipops. I liked those, of course, but it was for something else. It was the
deposit slips. Back then, they were two parts with carbon sheets. I loved filling
them out. I guess I’ve always liked filling out forms which makes me perfect for
my job of HR manager.


When it comes to writing be a fool



I really like to write.  Poetry.  Books. Letters.  But sometimes I get all freaked out about writing.  I procrastinate.  I dread.

Right now I’m tackling a project for work.  It’s Saturday and I’m behind on it and I sat down to write.  I think of all that can go wrong and I get stifled.  I worry that it won’t include everything it should or that it won’t be clear enough.  I worry that if it’s not perfect someone will read it, and die.

And then, it dawned on me: when you are that irrationally worried, you’ve let it become too big.  You need to relax and take a deep breath.  Then you need to just write.  Quickly.  Like you don’t even care.  Like it’s only pretend.  Make the writing so small and insignificant in your mind that it just doesn’t matter.

The goal is to just get something down.  You get that first draft written and then you’ve got some clay to work with.  In other words, just rush in.  Fools rush in where angels fear to tread.  So, with your writing, just be a big old fool.  :)

Happy Saturday


Here’s to making some small efforts today. I know I have some in mind: a little work for my job, cleaning the basement, cooking something using leftover vegetables from the week and tidying! Superwoman here I come!


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