Sunflowers and crepe myrtle


 This is a true story. Last Saturday night my husband and I went to a concert. On the walk from the parking lot to the concert area we passed a series of flowers. First sunflowers. Then crepe myrtle. I noticed them and talked about them. We took the picture above with the sunflowers. As we passed the crepe myrtle I said “I wonder if they like lots of sun.”

After the concert it was dark and we started to get lost going back to the car. Then I remembered the flowers. We looked for the crepe myrtle and found it. And then the sunflowers and we got back to the car. 

It was a bit like Hansel and Gretel with the breadcrumbs in the forest. I’ve always loved flowers. And they love me back.  

It becomes what it’s supposed to be



I’m always amazed by the creative process.  It’s like I have an internal muse.  For at least two years I was a dollmaker and then abruptly I stopped. Now, crocheting is my passion.  My favorite thing is to order yarn and even if I might have plans for it, it becomes what it’s supposed to be.  I may buy yarn for a scarf for a friend.  And yet, it might get called into a blanket for someone else.  The yarn speaks, quietly and in many colors.


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