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Heartwarming story.

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The evening commute home was a scramble as people rushed and crushed onto the train fighting for a place to sit or stand.  A last-minute couple pushed through the door dropping tourist maps in their haste. Forced by the crowd to split up, the man went one way and the woman another.

The woman sat down in the last vacant seat next to where I stood and began to refold maps. Beside her sat a well-dressed business woman who appeared to read something work-related even after a day at the office. The two glanced briefly at each other, said nothing, and went back to their tasks of reading and map folding.

Things calmed as the train doors shut and people settled into seats or places to stand. As we waited for the train to depart, only the rustling of newspapers or the occasional ring of a cell phone could be heard…

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how being a purist has killed my diet



Usually I am a purist when it comes to dieting. I have very high, close to impossible standards. If I fail once, I give up completely. Then I gain weight again.  

That’s been my life. Diet, lose, off diet, gain. A big old yo-yo. 

Now, with a goal of less than 100% compliance, (80/20), I have room to be better or worse. I have a plan I stay on. There’s no off and on. I’m always on, just not 100%. 

This just might work. I’ve lost 5 lbs. 20 more to go. This is doable. I can do it!


Remembering to be grateful 


I have a very long commute to work each day. I live in the suburbs of Maryland and commute to a suburb of Virginia. One thing I love about my job (and there are many) is that it is in a pretty place. There are woods nearby and I see deer. There’s a pond on one side of the building and there is this sweet spot that I can escape to for a little break during my work day. Be grateful for what you do have. 


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