I don’t mind the rain if it’s not too cold.  The best thing about the rain is funky rain boots.   Related articles Splurge or Steal: Rainboots [Dafna vs. Hunter] (theedgytimes.com) Rainboots: On How I Learned to Love the Rain (katrinaapeters.wordpress.com) DIY: Gold Leaf Leopard Rainboots (adorastylez.wordpress.com) Chambray & Rainboots (baublestobubbles.com) Ode to Rain (London) […]

My Wee Little St. Patrick’s Day Mantel Decoration

So, I’m a day late and a dollar short.  Sue me.  🙂  Happy St. Pat’s Day. Related articles A Wee Bit of Irish (strawberryindigo.wordpress.com) How To Spend St. Patrick’s Day Like The Ultimate Irishman, Jimmy McNulty (uproxx.com) Happy St. Patrick’s Day From The Beach Clan (gallivance.net) Who’s St. Patrick? (smalltownworld.wordpress.com)  

My new lunch bag

This is my new lunch bag.  It’s made by a company called Built.  I love polka dots and I love the hot pink inside!  Plus you can throw it in the washing machine when it gets dirty. Related articles Red Apple Bag (creativflow.wordpress.com) Polka Dots (sweetsophistication.wordpress.com) Polka Dot Tights, Holdups and Socks (tightsandstockings.wordpress.com) Pink and […]

Colorful Markers

I love color.  I keep colorful Sharpies on my desk to look at and use.  I reused a jar a gift scarf came in.  Color is one of God’s greatest gifts! Related articles Colors Explode in Neon: A Review (shelleysallofmeblog.wordpress.com) Meditations with Sharpies (originaltitle.wordpress.com)