No soliciting

I think I’ve mentioned before that I’m a friendly poodle and my husband is a pitbull.  And so it goes with our front door.  We get a lot of solicitors.  My husband wanted a no soliciting sign.  He wanted something ugly and mean like a black sticker with a gold outline from Home Depot that […]

doll with blue face and pink hair

Hello!  I know I’ve already posted this doll with her friends but I think they each deserve their own post.  Don’t you think? This is my craziest doll so far.  It was fun to make her crazy.  Who has pink hair?  Well a few people do.  My husband raised his eyebrows at her blue face […]

Joel Henriques

Source:   This is a mini Paris designed by Joel Henriques.  You can see the post here.  He provides a free printable so you can make this and store it in an old Altoids tin. Very cool. I  love his site, Made by Joel.  It is pure loveliness and fun! Related articles Flannel Friday: […]