doll with blue face and pink hair


Hello!  I know I’ve already posted this doll with her friends but I think they each deserve their own post.  Don’t you think?

This is my craziest doll so far.  It was fun to make her crazy.  Who has pink hair?  Well a few people do.  My husband raised his eyebrows at her blue face and pink hair.  But the next day I went to Macy’s and saw a mannequin with pink hair.  Who knew?

I haven’t sold any dolls, so far I just give them way to family and friends.  I sent this one to my little cousin who was very happy to receive it!

mila doll






4 thoughts on “doll with blue face and pink hair

  1. The pink hair and purple face and of course her lovely little dress is perfectly co-ordinated.
    (I used to give away all my creations too, but I ran out of family and my friends to give them too..hehehe)

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