hot water bottle covers

IMG_0915 IMG_0931

I think it’s important to show my screw-ups as well as my triumphs.  The first cover had an opening too big.  It was supposed to overlap.  The second, although cute in pink and green isn’t made of the firmest material.  Oh well. I like them!


2 thoughts on “hot water bottle covers

  1. I agree, none of us could constantly produce absolute perfection . I have a made a few ‘horror stories’ that makes me laugh even just thinking about them. I find that when I’m tired or distracted, I should not touch a pottery wheel/sewing machine/pair of knitting needles. The biggest flops I have made has been the result of the above mentioned.

    By the way, I love the soft color of the green cover 🙂

    • So true about being tired and crafts. Or being tired and anything!

      The green cotton came from a yard sale sweater. I love yard sales for cheap fabric!

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