Even with heavy rain, drought tolerant maize p...

Even with heavy rain, drought tolerant maize performs well for farmers in Zimbabwe (Photo credit: CIMMYT)

Rain is important and one of God’s greatest gifts.  It nourishes, soothes, cleanses and purifies.  Just when I think I need to water the garden, it rains and I am thankful.  Check out this cute country song about rain.

Rain is a good thing

Luke Bryan


7 thoughts on “rain

  1. I Noted your picture about the drought tolerant maize, picturing corn and it reminds me of the book “half the sky’ written by Nicholas D. Kristof, Sheryl WuDunn. The book is focused primarily on the experiences of women who have overcome great adverstity in their lives to create change in their communities. Some of the stories touch on the economic challenges associated with things like drought and how that impacts communities. WOmen being empowered makes a huge difference! They have a fantastic website now attributed to create change – http://www.halftheskymovement.org/

    Sorry if I went a little off topic, it’s 2:40am and I have thunder brain!

    YES! Rain is wonderful, God created bringer and supporter of life!

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