becoming a vertebrate

Deutsch: Skelett eines Diplodocus in der Dinos...

Deutsch: Skelett eines Diplodocus in der Dinosaurierhalle des Museums für Naturkunde, Berlin. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


A vertebrate is a being with a backbone.  I wasn’t always a vertebrate.  I had to grow a backbone.




I used to try to please everyone.  Even my shadow.  I wanted desperately to be liked and sought




approval everywhere.  It’s a tough job and leaves you rather bewildered.




Growing a backbone is hard and changes everything.  First, I calmed down a lot.  What a relief not trying to get everyone to like me all the time!  Whew! Granted, I haven’t totally changed.  It’s a process but I do have a backbone now.  It continues to grow.




I look to the Lord for approval now.  That’s enough.




Having a backbone = strength of character = not letting people walk all over you = standing up for yourself = having principles and integrity




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