My Respect for My Husband Has Nothing to Do with Him – VIDEO

This is a smart lady and I gain a lot of wisdom from her. She ties her teachings to scripture. I think of her as a lay minister! Please listen to her video on respecting our husbands. We should respect our husbands, and other people, not because they deserve it but because it’s what God asks us to do. They don’t have to earn our respect.

Peaceful Single Girl


Once I marry my husband – God commands me to respect him and to submit to his God-given leadership (honor his leadership).

Ephesians 5:22-33

** Please remember that a disciple of Christ is only to marry another disciple of Christ – a man who is “in the Lord” and seeking to submit Himself fully to Christ.


  • Respect must be earned.
  • Love those who love you.
  • You are totally justified to be as hateful as you want to be if someone wrongs you.
  • You respect someone based on how they act and if you perceive them to be worthy of your respect.


What does God say?

Check out Mathew 25 – Let’s  apply this to how we treat other people (and keep this in mind especially for other believers, and your future husband – but it applies to everyone in our…

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