shoe box doll house

I saw some very cute DIY dollhouses on Pinterest and I really wanted to make one.  So I did!  I’m happy with it but it is far from perfect.  The hardest thing to do was the couch!  I made it from cardboard, fleece, and fabric.  I used regular glue and a hot glue gun.  I’m not great with the glue gun so I made a huge mess.  But it ended up looking like a couch – just an old run down one!


I added some throw pillows and a blanket.  I wallpapered the walls with wrapping paper and made a carpet out of thick tweedy fabric.


Here’s the window.  Cardboard cut out with outside picture glued to the back.


I put some artwork up on the wall behind the couch.  They were all cut from magazines.


I added a little table.  It was the top of a Tide detergent jug.  I covered it with a lace doilie and a pop up sticker of some foliage.


I made a little curtain.  The curtain rod is a pipe cleaner.  I made two holes in the box and ran the pipe cleaner out on both sides and twisted it closed on the outside.


Here’s detail of the rug.


And there’s the finished product.  It was really fun to make and I can’t wait to give it away to a little girl.

I covered the outside of the box in hot pink duct tape to make it cute.


So there you have it!  A dollhouse in a shoebox.  It would be a fun project to do with kids.  The really fun part is being creative and scavenging for tiny things!  I want to make another one.  I can’t decide between a bedroom and a kitchen so I may need to do both.  🙂


3 thoughts on “shoe box doll house

    • I’m glad you liked it. It was very fun. I’m working on a bedroom now. I will give the first two to my nieces. My third will be a kitchen and if it’s good I will sell on Etsy. My nieces get all my experiments and first tries! 🙂

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