clean up after each project

It is best to clean up after every project.  I hate cleaning up sometimes but it is necessary.  Plus, it’s nice to start in a clean tidy place.  You can see what you are doing.  It’s easier and it just makes sense!  So just do it!  (By the way, I am talking to myself but […]

i like poems

  i like poems   full sentences not necessary   you can jump   around   say little   suggest   they are like little sketches   that people fill in with their own   emotions   Related articles   Where do poems come from? ( The Home of All the Poems ( A place […]


I have been a poetry lover for a long time.  I wrote poems as a child.  One of my earliest poems was called The Funniest Clown and it started like this: One day I walked down the street and I heard someone’s stumbling feet Yes, it clearly rhymed.  In high school I enjoyed sonnets and […]


  A man saw me and my son and it looked like we reminded him of someone.  He and his mom?  His wife and his son?  Everyone can see themselves in you.  And you can see yourself in everyone.  We are all daughters, sons, sisters, brothers, mothers, fathers, aunts, and uncles.  We are all one.  […]

white chicken lasagna

My husband and I disagree on pasta and sauce.  I swear by red while he prefers white.  This lasagna is creamy white and cheesy.  It was a big hit in our house.  It never made it to the weekend purge of uneaten leftovers! White Chicken Lasagna 9 lasagna noodles (I used regular because I couldn’t […]