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pork chops and applesauce

Having grown up in the Brady Bunch era, I will never forget porkchops and applesauce.  My Mom made a killer baked applesauce.  It was just applesauce from the jar with sugar, cinnamon and butter!  You bake it until it’s bubbly.  So good!  Real comfort food. Here’s a recipe for porkchops and applesauce at And […]


  soothes excites inspires calms delights warms cools pleasures the sounds enter my ears I feel the vibrations on my skin the words and sounds make me see images, colors feelings are evoked memories teased out I feel it in my soul in my heart to my core in my spine it takes me back […]


When I first met my husband, he asked me what I wanted in a man.  I told him that I wanted someone who would stay.  He said, “I will stay.” We have been married six years and I love him very much. The good Lord will stand behind every step we are blind to fate, […]