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I learned about Back in the Day Bakery about 3 years ago from a Where Women Cook magazine issue that my sister-in-law gave me.  There was a short article on the bakery with a picture of Cheryl and a sweet pink cupcake with an adorable vintage topper.  I had also come across it on food blogs and one of the owners, Cheryl Day, was featured on a Paula Dean episode.  Why was I drawn to this bakery?  Well, lots of reasons:

  1. it’s decorated in pastels
  2. it’s got a vintage 1950’s feel
  3. it’s owned by married couple Cheryl and Griffith Day who followed their passion and dreams
  4. it’s a bakery – duh!
  5. it’s all about baking from scratch, family recipes, and quality ingredients
  6. Cheryl is adorable
  7. it’s about creating community
  8. it’s in beautiful Spanish moss covered Savannah


OK, so all this and I’d never even tried anything.

My Mom has a timeshare in Hilton Head, South Carolina.  I’ve been about three times.  This time I was determined to visit the bakery.  Life is too short.  So two days ago we went into Savannah for lunch at Mrs. Wilkes Dining Room.  That visit warrants another full blog post.  Long story short – excellent Southern food, family style.  But back to Back in the Day…

So two days ago we stopped in to Back in the Day much too quickly.  I bought a loaf of country rustic white bread and four old-fashioned cupcakes.  My husband got some snickerdoodles.  I tried to peek in the back to see Cheryl.  No luck.  But I did see Griff.

Oh yeah, I bought a cookbook too.


We got back to our condo and tried the cupcakes.  Total love.  The cake was soft and subtle.  The frosting.  Oh the frosting.  I wish I could sing.  Dreamy, creamy.  Just the best homemade tasting cupcake I’ve ever had.  And so pretty too!  Cheryl hand tints her sprinkles.  Who does that!


I thought that was the end.  Yesterday I laid around reading the cookbook cover to cover.

This morning we dropped our cousin Esther off at the airport. The Savannah airport.  I had joked with my husband last night that we should stop by the bakery one more time.  Maybe I wasn’t joking!  So we went again.  This time we ordered real food.  And sat down.  I had a mixed green salad with sweet pecans, carrots, cukes, tomatoes and rosemary chicken.  Very good.  My husband had a grilled cheese with bacon on that lovely bread.  My Mom had a ham and cheese pastry that she enjoyed.

I still hadn’t seen Cheryl.  I went to find the bathroom.  It was back near the kitchen.  I tried the bathroom door but it was locked.  As I waited I kept trying to look in the kitchen to find Cheryl.  Next thing I knew, the bathroom door opened.  It was Cheryl!  I was elated!  I was goofy!  I was acting like a groupie!  She was very nice and told me I could take a picture with her.  Made – my – day!


I got a lavender cookie.  Ate it there.  Delish.  I ordered some Miss Hanna cookies to go. They are two lavender shortbread cookies sandwiched with buttercream frosting in the middle. Yum.

So that’s my Back in the Day story.  If you are ever in Savannah, please look it up and stop by.  Tell them Karyl sent you.  🙂


7 thoughts on “Back in the Day Bakery

  1. So glad to know they are as gracious in person as they come across in their book. I’m totally enamored. Let me know if you ever bake any of their recipes. I’ve committed myself to baking them all and am chronicling it on my blog Would love for it to become a community of Back in the Day Bakery bakers!

    • Have you been? It has such a great feeling. They are very down to earth. Cheryl was so sweet to me. I haven’t baked anything yet but plan to this weekend. I am following you inn fb. Do all your posts get posted there? I love your back in the day community online idea!

  2. gorgeous bakery. I have the book too, got it as a review copy from a distributor here in Canada. Not my kind of recipes, too sweet and heavy for the most part. but definitely a beautifully presented book. 🙂

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