slow and steady wins the race

Abraham exiles Hagar.

Abraham exiles Hagar. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I am slowly making my way through the Bible.  I am about halfway through. I am taking my time and exercising patience.  I love the act of doing something with small steps at a time.  It gets done just the same.




I am a hare becoming a tortoise.  Here’s a tortoise and hare story from the Bible:


Abraham waited 25 years for his son.  Sarah, Abraham’s wife, wanted this to happen quickly.  Not waiting on God, she came up with her own.  She planned for her maid Hagar to conceive a child with Abraham.  Ishmael was born and this caused everyone, especially Sarah, so much pain.  God’s plan was Issac.  If Sarah had only waited, she would have been saved from all that pain.




Wait on God.  Be a tortoise.




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