Back in the Day Bakery

I learned about Back in the Day Bakery about 3 years ago from a Where Women Cook magazine issue that my sister-in-law gave me.  There was a short article on the bakery with a picture of Cheryl and a sweet pink cupcake with an adorable vintage topper.  I had also come across it on food […]

My Dad – the foodie

My Dad was the first foodie I ever met.  That term wasn’t even around when I was growing up. My Dad loved food and like most people who love food. learned to cook.  He was interested in the idea of food.  How it’s prepared.  How it tastes. I remember going to a cheese shop with […]

things my mother told me

lemon juice on your knees will make them lighter put your money in your boots if you are on the train wear a hat when it’s cold drink hot tea with lemon and honey if your throat hurts ginger ale is good for stomach aches rise and shine   Related articles Things My Mother Taught […]

weight watchers

  I am no stranger to weight loss plans.  I’ve been on every diet under the sun starting in my teen years.  Here’s a list:   the lollypop diet the grapefruit diet Slimfast paleo Atkins South Beach Nutrisystem vegan vegetarian low fat/fat free   Weight Watchers is my favorite.  It is healthy, doable and I […]

dessert haikus

Thanks to inspiration from Write, Write, Write, Sleep, Write and encouragement from  H. and S. Mariam at Simple Smiles ,I’ve written a slew of dessert haikus.  I can’t wait to share them with you.  I added them to my queue of post drafts.  Because they are pretty deep on the schedule, I will post one […]