Little kitty Snuggled up in the triangle Formed by my hip knee foot Side by side I feel her warmth See her belly rise and fall Sense the rhythm of her purr Ears extended Comfort and bliss

happy halloween – bwahaha!

Photo credit: Cricky’s Corner I love Halloween.  It’s not my favorite holiday but it’s up there.  Christmas is first, of course.  Celebrating the birth of our Lord.  Family together.  Gifts.  I love Valentine’s Day too with it’s candy and chocolates and making and sending of Valentines. Halloween is fun!  I love the giving out of […]


Look what I read on the back of my Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal box: Cinnamon was once more precious than gold. Its been used as perfume, incense, antibacterial and stimulant.  It’s also been a token of friendship. It originated in Sri Lanka and is harvested from the evergreen-like trees of the Laurel family. The bark […]