sweet tooth tuesday – brownies from the box

IMG_1364 IMG_1367I know, it’s pretty lame-o to start off with a box mix but hey, that’s who I am.  Brownies are a staple around here.  They were the first thing I ever baked on my own as a child of 10 or so.  As a young Mom, I made brownie box mix a lot for my son.  I worked outside the home and scratch baking was rare.

So now, we both love box mix.  I have a recipe from scratch that tastes like the box.  Who tries to do that, right!  But for today, it’s straight box. Here’s the recipe:


Box of mix

Everything it tells you you need on the box (eggs, water, vegetable oil)


Follow what it says on the box.

Add extras if you like such as walnuts and white chocolate chips.  That’s what I did this time around.  The nuts are for my husband and the chips for my son.  I’m not picky.

Enjoy!  🙂



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