Look what I read on the back of my Kashi Cinnamon Harvest cereal box: Cinnamon was once more precious than gold. Its been used as perfume, incense, antibacterial and stimulant.  It’s also been a token of friendship. It originated in Sri Lanka and is harvested from the evergreen-like trees of the Laurel family. The bark […]

end of summer

no more bright colors summer corn watermelon  peaches winds will come turn leaves fall and crisp air bitter orange colors emerge pumpkin pies sweaters from boxes flannel blankets and closed toe shoes and boots hugs more appreciated no pulling away from a hot sweaty embrace lingering in warmth instead the smell of fires, turquoise skies […]

be calm

The key to being calm is trusting in the Lord.  No matter what.  No matter the storm, the uncertainty,  the fear.  Focus on God.  Know that he provides.  That’s it!  Keep calm and carry on! Related articles God Calms Our Fears ( In The Calm ( 77. A Simple Prayer To Calm Your Mind ( […]