50 fabulous things to do in honor of the Big 50!


  1. pedicure
  2. massage
  3. high tea with a good friend
  4. take a day off work and go to the movies
  5. shopping in Georgetown
  6. visit a friend in Connecticut
  7. bake lemon meringue pie in honor of my grandmother
  8. make a doll that looks like me
  9. go horseback riding
  10. do a fun run/walk
  11. make Kefir at home
  12. have a girls night in
  13. go to a natural hair salon
  14. go to the fair
  15. hang out at the pool with a diet coke, magazine and some shades
  16. go ice skating
  17. see a musical
  18. do yoga in the backyard
  19. have s’mores
  20. have some more s’mores
  21. go on the Georgetown garden tour
  22. hang out in Olde Town
  23. go to Annapolis
  24. visit Wheeling
  25. read a juicy book
  26. plant a rose bush
  27. knit myself a scarf
  28. give $50 to the charity of my choice
  29. lose 50 pounds (yeah right!)
  30. take a painting class
  31. take a singing class
  32. take a pottery class
  33. take a baking class
  34. take a poetry class
  35. buy a book of poetry
  36. have some lemonade in the shade
  37. buy a fabulous little black dress (ok large black dress!)
  38. make cinnamon rolls again
  39. treat myself to a personal trainer session (what?)
  40. forget the cinnamon rolls and the trainer!
  41. have a long phone chat with an old friend
  42. watch a weepy eyed love story movie
  43. blow the world’s biggest bubble gum bubble
  44. be a child again
  45. buy a cool umbrella
  46. relax
  47. have fun
  48. be myself
  49. enjoy being 50
  50. start planning my 60th birthday bash

I just turned 50 last month.  I am celebrating for the next year.  My cousin suggested that I come up with a list of 50 fab things to do.  Thanks for this great idea Debbi!


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