Coffee cake

A coffee cake fresh out of the oven!.

A coffee cake fresh out of the oven!. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So my sister-in-law tells me a story about her talking to my brother about coffee cake. They are at Starbucks and she has a piece. She says I don’t taste any coffee. He says coffee cake doesn’t have coffee in it. You drink it with your coffee.

She tells me that my idol Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, makes coffee cake with coffee in it. I look it up and it’s not really coffee cake. It’s a chocolate dessert cake with instant coffee in it.
So what’s the point of my story?  It looks good!  I want to make it! Did I mention it’s a chocolate cake?  Anyway read Ree’s  post: The Best Coffee Cake.  Ever.   She’s way funnier than me.  🙂

p.s. I love the massive crumbs on top of coffee cake!


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