When we first met

pixie dust


When we first met

You were sitting in the Starbucks

Drinking your coffee

I walked up and you smiled

I smiled back

I had decided that if I didn’t like you

It would just be coffee

If I did, we’d go to dinner

I asked you if you wanted to get dinner

You said yes

We walked two blocks to Arugula

An Italian restaurant in my neighborhood

As we walked it felt like we were covered in magic pixie dust

We sparkled

And other people saw it too

They looked at us

And saw the mark of love

At the restaurant I had veal

You dropped your fork

And told me about your college days

After dinner you walked me back to my building

Again we got lots of looks and stares

They could feel it too

We sat in the lobby of my building

On the couch

I put my hand on your arm

Looked you in the eye

And said, “I like you”

A year and a half later

We were married


I will not forget walking into Starbucks and seeing you

I had on a striped wool sweater

It was St. Patrick’s Day

I saw your face and deep in my heart

I knew


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