We’re thankful for eyebrows

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Tomorrow when I gather my family around our chaotic dining room table, I’m going to thank God most sincerely for my sister Kathy’s eyebrows, because they’re dark and lovely and brand spanking new.

They gracefully arch over dark blue eyes that reflect profound courage, dignity, strength and optimism.

My mom used to chase Kathy around the house with a tweezers when she was younger, much to the amusement of us pale-browed siblings. As she grew older, her eyebrows and lashes became her best feature.

“I hope I don’t lose my eyebrows,” she said with typical stoicism upon hearing her diagnosis of Her2neu positive breast cancer.

I hoped so too. I hoped it a lot.

But cancer doesn’t take requests and, shortly after Kathy lost her hair, she lost her eyebrows too. It hardly seemed fair because, of course, it wasn’t.

Eyebrow-less, Kathy pushed on through a double mastectomy, chemo and…

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