All Aboard on the Cookie Exchange!

Another Christmas reblog to get you in the spirit! 🙂

Butterflies and Bunny Rabbits

I can’t believe that I’m almost 50 and before yesterday I had never participated in a cookie exchange. For those of you who don’t know, a cookie exchange is an event where a group of people agree to get together to share cookies they have baked. Each person makes several dozens of the same cookie. You meet and each person gets to take away a few of each kind. The most kinds of cookies I’ve ever made in one season is about 4: sugar cookies, chocolate pepper cookies, peanut butter blossoms, and magic cookie bars. It is time-consuming to put together all those different doughs and then to bake them all 8 minutes at a time. Yesterday I walked in with chocolate chip and walked away with 13 kinds of cookies!  I couldn’t wait to get them home on my oversized red Christmas plate.

We so often try to do everything on our own. When…

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