My Life Along the Subway Line



When you stay in the same place for a long time

you see memories wherever you go

I’m reminded of this

as I ride to work on the subway

the RED LINE presses out memories

GLENMONT where my brother lived

where my husband picked me up after work

the bowling alley where we celebrated my son’s seventh birthday

TAKOMA walking around flea markets cute stores

and coffee

VAN NESS where my husband proposed

SILVER SPRING belly dancing classes with my BFF

UNION STATION picking up friends and business trips

RHODE ISLAND AVE where I used to live

METRO CENTER where I’ve worked the past 10 years

CLEVELAND PARK high school

FORT TOTTEN my son’s grandparents’ home

and so many more

(I don’t want to bore you)

memories come to mind

lingering there

until the next stop

I love comments!

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