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If you have ever wondered what the soundtrack to heaven is I can tell you it would feature a LOT of Idea of North. Two weeks ago I was lucky enough to see the feel-good quartet for the second time at the Brisbane Powerhouse and was blown away as expected. The performance was a special one, celebrating 20 years of Idea of North as well as their new album, ‘Smile’.

If you are unfamiliar with the group they are an Aria-award winning A capella group from Canberra (yes, Canberra does produce music) made up of Sally, Naomi, Andrew and Nick. Their music is solely executed through their voices, a mixture of soprano, alto, tenor bass and percussion, and they put their own twist on a broad range of genres from jazz, pop and comedy to name a few.

The group opened their most recent show with the title track ‘Smile’

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