Snow Day


Source: Andrew Potter Photo Blog*

the biggest thrill

opening my eyes

peeking out the window


everything covered in white

Mom says no school


the choices

get back in bed and read a book


catch up on homework


waiting for my little brother to wake up

putting on layers of clothes

dragging sleds for what seemed like hours

our favorite spot

sliding down in seconds

then many minutes back up

looking at my brother’s red face

blue lips

and leaky nose

having a hard time feeling my toes

time to go home

the long trek back

knocking on the door

shedding layers

stiff fingers

shivering into the heat of the house

slowly gravitating to the kitchen table

to wait for hot chocolate

*Andrew Potter is a freelance photographer in the Detroit area.  Potter also photographs weddings, events, and portraits. Potter lives in Royal Oak with his wife, Shanna, and his Rottweiler, Bowie.


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