gift box



Several years ago I started a practice. I have a large plastic covered bin that 
I keep gifts in. Christmas gifts, birthday gifts. Most of them have a person in 
mind. Some are random gifts that I can use for a baby shower or house warming. 

I use it a lot for getting ready for Christmas. I am a buy year round person. I 
don't buy many birthday gifts. My mom, nieces and nephew, husband and son and 
a few close friends. So it's mostly about Christmas. 

If I come across something I think someone would like, I get it and put it in the 
box for later. I also try to buy something each month so by Christmas my box is 
full and my shopping light. 

The box is important. I used to buy early and the gifts would get lost in my 
house and forgotten!

Since it's just after Christmas my box is nearly empty. But I have the 
beginnings of a present for one person (it's a homemade DIY gift). I also have a 
piece of a Valentine gift for my nieces. I look forward to building my box one 
gift at a time, slowly, peacefully and with great joy. 

I love comments!

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