My husband’s hell


In my husband’s hell

Michael Bolton sings “It’s the holidays” all year long

My mother lives with us

He always has to wear a tie

For dinner every night we eat liver, lima beans and cous cous

The weather is hot and humid, about 105 degrees

I constantly hand him my phone to look at something on Facebook or Pinterest

The only channels he gets on his 10 inch TV are Lifetime and the Catholic Network

There is no football or Law and Order

only synchronized swimming and Rizzoli and Isles

And one more thing, I, his wife, never stop talking



12 thoughts on “My husband’s hell

  1. tee heee…what a fun post.

    I’d would love to have you share this link tomorrow over at My Poetic Path for Friday Funnies!

    Just the Michael Bolton part is enough of a hell IMO. 😉

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