eiffel tower cookies




8 thoughts on “eiffel tower cookies

  1. I’ll need to show these to my daughter tomorrow. She loves anything to do with Paris – It seems that Paris is going to be the next destination for our family when it comes to overseas holidays!

    These are so beautiful done – and the packaging is divine!

      • I just found it and followed, though I am stuck in the food board, checking out all those deserts.. I think I just repinned about 20 of them! lol

        *getting hungry*

      • I had a blog called frosted cookie for awhile. I miss that blog. All I did was part pretty baked goods. But I had to many blogs going and couldn’t keep up. I am better with one blog at a time. I’ve had about five or six! First was Butterflies and bunny rabbits. Next was I love this husband and wife stuff. Then Artsy Wanderer. I also had a wedding blog and a weight loss blog. Whew! I’m a little crazy. 🙂

      • I just reckon you should blog and post about whatever you feel like posting 🙂

        If it feels good and right and helps you work through whatever it is you are working through, or even to share those skills and great contributions you have to offer – great – do that too 🙂

        Sometimes, we have to pull back, but it doesn’t hurt to have a blog that can have a range of posts, yanno, so we aren’t stuck on one particular theme.

        It all depends on what we are most comfortable with!

        Just don’t blog burn out!



        P.s: I love this blog…. so many pretty things to look at! #Memories to remember!

      • Yes I do love blogging and don’t like being restricted. My current blog artsy is anything goes and it sits me. A little faith a little pretty a little food poetry. But I do admire single topic blogs. Love the focus. But now only have the energy for one blog. How long have you been blogging?

      • Since 2007, though never seriously, and honestly. I would have to be one of the slackest bloggers in the world. I am regularly NOT HERE.. lol

        I go away for weeks at a time when my life steals me back into everything so I can’t get access…

        I always try so hard to make sure that I respond to every single comment and in some ways I think it creates a catch 22, because I love the communication and learning about people and their lives, but it does take a lot of work to maintain!

        How about you?

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