On This Day Of Love ~ Remember To Love Yourself First

awesome photo!

Awesome Åshild

How can you ask others to love you if you can’t? How can you love others if you can’t even love yourself? There is so much self hate and negativity in the world. And so many expectations and that is where much of the hate, sadness and disappointment comes from.

You are expected to have lots of friends and a great social life, a fantastic relationship (with an amazing sex life of course), you are expected to have a uni degree with excellent marks and get a well paid job practically before you finish your last exam (and you better get a pay rise in your first performance review you looser!). You’re also expected to have an incredible body, you should be strong, but also skinny (even though they say strong is the new skinny, judging by all the pictures around the world wide web, strong is not enough –…

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