Fair casserole of the seventies



When I was growing up tuna casserole was one of my Mother’s staples. I fell in love with it. Excellent comfort food. It only requires a few ingredients and it’s easy to make. Yum. What’s your favorite casserole?


2 thoughts on “Fair casserole of the seventies

  1. Hello! Your yummy looking tuna casserole brought me back to my childhood in the fifties. I see those wonderful potato chips on the top, and I’m wondering if your tuna casserole contains some canned peas and some Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom Soup? My mom made what she called “shrimp with lobster sauce.” The “lobster sauce” was the old reliable Campbell’s Cream of Mushroom soup mixed up with a beaten egg.. There may have been a few shrimp, but for sure there was lots of rice.and not a speck of lobster. But it was delish! I think I’m finding a friend in your blog.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I don’t usually put potato chips but I’ve heard that’s good. Will have to try it. I love peas but my husband and son don’t. I put crushed cheezits on top this time. Really good. Sometimes I put bread crumbs. Your mother’s dishes sound great. Please visit again and I will visit your blog 🙂

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