How much you are loved



How much, how much

Do you really know how much, how much

Well, let me tell you how much, how much you are loved

These words go out to anyone who’s ever felt so unlovable

I’d just like to say to you

That lie is so not true

This message is for the broken down

They say you can’t turn your life around

No matter what you do

Well, that lie is so not true

Take the depths of the deepest ocean and go deeper

Take the top of the tallest tower and go higher

Take the best day that you’ve ever had

Try to imagine better than that

And it still don’t come close

To how much you are loved

Don’t worry about what you’ve done

God’s love goes out to everyone

And here’s the wonderful, beautiful truth

That includes me and you

So, let it find you where you are

Wrap it’s arms around your weary heart

And all the love you’re longing for

You’ll find all that love and more

No heart is big enough

To measure Heaven’s love

‘Cause it goes on and on forever and ever and ever

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