The incredible, edible adventures of a foodie and someone who just likes to eat: Polish Sausage

I wrote this post for my discontinued blog. Just saw a friend who lives in Detroit today. I told her I’d send her this post and thought Artsy Wanderer readers might be interested too. I was born in Detroit. I am “the foodie.” My husband is “someone who likes to eat.”

Butterflies and Bunny Rabbits

The foodie: I am a foodie.  I guess I’ve always been one.  My love of food goes way back.  Not ever tasting anything I didn’t like was a start.  My first memory of being a foodie was my Dad baking oyster crackers.  I was less than 5.  He wasn’t making them from scratch so I can’t figure out why he was baking them.  I think we were eating clam chowder and he was warming them up on a cookie sheet.  The whole process of preparing food and then eating it and appreciating it appealed to me even then.

I could have turned out to be someone who just likes to eat.  That’s what my husband is.  He does not like all foods.  I find him somewhat picky and he is not a fan of vegetables.  He likes food and he likes to eat but he’s more practical about it. …

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