why i loved the hippies



I am a child of the sixties.  And when I say that I mean literally a child.  I was born in 1963.  That made me too young to be a hippie but I was definitely influenced by them.  I wore bellbottoms in elementary school.  I had black power and peace sign necklaces. I dressed as a hippie for Halloween one year when I was in 2nd grade.  I had a favorable opinion of hippies and as an adult have always been a bit Birkenstock, crunchy and earthy.  Here’s 10 reasons why I loved hippies:

1. They were natural.

2. They were not obsessed with looks.

3. They were colorful.

4. They were free.

5. They wore tie-dye.

6. They ate healthy and vegetarian food.

7.  They loved to sing and dance.

8. They loved the earth.

9. They loved each other.

10. They fought for justice.


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