crockpot cooking



I recently ordered a programmable 6 1/2 quart slow cooker.  I’ve made three things.  The first two were flops.

1) pork chops with orange apricot sauce:  My son and I liked it but husband said “Could we please not have this again?”  I think he is weirded out by fruit and meat combinations.

2) bean mix: even I was not crazy about this and I like everything.

3) Chili: A success.  I posted the recipe here. 

I love how dinner is ready when I get home.  The mornings I put it all together I march upstairs and say to my husband “Honey, dinner’s ready!”



10 thoughts on “crockpot cooking

  1. Hay Karyl…. congrats on your new crock!!!! and it being programmable is even nicer. You tickle me about the part when you say to your hubby that dinners ready. LOL! Your such a funny one. I guess you know that I am a crock pot lover from many many years and I swear I could not live without one. But I recently saw this programmable pressure cooker and I am about to buy it really soon. I like that at times I could make chicken or a dish really very fast instead of really slow. Well If I like it I will let you know and also how it works out for me. Fast meals…slow meals….fast ….slow oh gosh. Chat with you later, have a great day! 🙂

    • I’ve never used a pressure cooker. Slow meals are wonderful for people who work outside the home. But quick meals are needed too. In fact last Sunday I used the fast cooker on high but it still took 4 hours! So no more slow cooker after church. Let me know about the pressure cooker. Thanks.

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