Impediments to Holiness



Our priest said last Sunday that the two biggest impediments to holiness are discouragement
and anxiety. At first I was surprised. I thought it might be pride or meanness.
But it makes total sense. To be holy is to be with God, to believe in God, to
have faith in God, to depend on God. If you are discouraged, lack hope, and are
afraid, it means you think you are alone. It is turning your nose up at God
really. How can you be holy if you are not with God?

I admit that worrying and doubting are two of my biggest sins. They are actually
big sins. Understanding this is the first step. I know what I need to do. I need
to pray for greater faith and I need to notice and check myself when I feel
anxious. A simple “why are you doubting?”  Don’t you know that there is a God and
that he loves you and will protect you the way you protect your own child? That he is
all powerful? That he can do all things? That he knows best and that everything
that happens is his will?

Ultimately all is well so there is nothing to fear.

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