I’ve mentioned before that I have been watching hair videos on YouTube lately.  Sometimes I get obsessed with beauty and fashion.  I was once addicted to What Not To Wear.  These obsessions are somewhat comical to me because I am pretty low key when it comes to fashion and beauty.  I don’t like to spend lots of time on either.  But I do like to look nice.  I like the idea of caring about these things.

So each night before I go to bed, I lie in bed watching hair videos.  Many of the women who make the videos are very young.  As I watch, I think that I am young too, and then I remember my age and my gray hair.  I don’t have a lot but they are there.  After all, I am 50.

Anyway, one of my favorites is ShineStruck.  Not only beautiful, she has a kind and gentle spirit.  She is great with her hair and her videos are artistic.  Check her out:


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