Happy Birthday Faure!

A head and shoulders portrait of a late-middle-aged man of the early twentieth century with white hair and a large white moustache


We have been practicing a song in choir called Cantique de Jean Racine Op 11 and it is by Faure.  Gabriel Urbain Faure was born on May 12, 1845.  Happy Birthday Gabe!  He was a French composer, organist, pianist and teacher and one of the foremost French composers of his generation and quite the musical rebel.  At the time some of his works, including this one, were even banned from the church.  I think it has some chords that were unacceptable to t he church at that time.

Cantique is a pretty hard song and I’ve practiced on my own at home with YouTube and playing it on my keyboard.  I find it so beautiful and can’t wait to sing it at Mass.  We will probably sing it sometime in May.  I am going to invite my Mom because she hasn’t heard me sing with the choir yet.  I think she will like it because she likes classical music and it really is quite lovely.

Word, equal to the Almighty, our only hope,
Eternal light of the earth and the Heavens;
We break the peaceful night’s silence,
Divine Saviour, cast your eyes upon us!

Spread the fire of your mighty grace upon us
May the entire hell flee at the sound of your voice;
Disperse from any slothful soul the drowsiness
Inducing it to forget your laws!

Oh Christ, look with favour upon this faithful people
Which has now gathered to bless you.
Receive its singing, offered to your immortal glory,
And may it leave with the gifts you have bestowed upon it!


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