Blogging strategies – enlarging your audience


I want a successful well read blog as much as the next person. I read a post that suggested using one third of your time on each if the following:
-Finding new followers
-Connecting with followers

I confess that I focus most on writing. It’s all about me right? I guess that’s wrong. I do read the blogs I follow. I also respond to comments although I could say more than thank you. Something to think about. I could afford to spend a little time going after would be followers.  To me that means thinking more about who my audience is. That would be people who like food, cooking, gardening, crafts, dolls, sewing, singing etc. So I have the potential for a large audience.


2 thoughts on “Blogging strategies – enlarging your audience

  1. Great strategies. Creating a community and making sure we stay connected is one guaranteed tip. Extending new blogging friendship through likes, comments and following are sure winners. I always make it a point to visit each and every blogger that leaves a comment. Thoughtfulness goes a long way!

  2. Kindness does go along way. I think I will go visit your blog now and see what you’ve been up to. I need to constantly remind myself to focus on quality not quantity. One sincere thank you and comment or reply is worth a hundred curt thank yous!

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