100 possessions


In the minimalist communities , some folks are trying to cut their number of possessions to 100.  My sister in law is trying this. I want to also but I know I won’t follow through. I can at least try to cut down on possessions and not bringing new ones in. I have too much stuff. If I live to be 80, my goal is to have hardly anything by then.


9 thoughts on “100 possessions

  1. yeah that seems hard to cut things down to 100 but kinda cool though. Imagine being with less clutter around you…I like that idea….. but to tell the truth I have been on that journey for many years now and each year I am finding myself getting better and better. Less and less stuff. At first it was kinda frustrating because I had way too much stuff and didn’t know where to begin. And like you say I do not bring anything more into the house. That alone is a major feat! LOL!

      • Yes….I know exactly what you mean. Like recently we purchased a soda machine. But it’s pretty nice though because we don’t have to haul soda bottles anymore…plus we can just drink lots of carbonated water and add fruit to it. It’s a little bit more healthy then drinking store brought soda’s. But this is something I want to keep…LOL!

      • Really! Well this soda machine is called Soda Stream. I love it so far. It’s quick and so easy to do. and I love that they sell so many delicious flavors. I tried the one that tastes like mountain dew and the lemon and lime (7UP) so far. I like that I control the amount of flavor I can add. I also like that I can just fix a seltzer and add a few slices of real lemon and lime and stevia. It’s so refreshing.

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