My creative muse is a tricky ole soul


It’s not surprising that my creative muse is unpredictable and finicky. I remember when I once thought I’d love to have a job tie dying all day. But then I quickly realized that if I did I’d be like “Geesh,  do I have to tie dye today?  Again?”

Well something like that is going on with my dolls.  Now that I have a store and I’m supposed to make them I kind of don’t want to. Should I really push the whole discipline thing and make myself? That doesn’t feel right. I think if I let myself do whatever I feel like I will make all kinds of things. Even some dolls. Just not all dolls. I am a whack job.

Also, singing in the choir is taking more time. I’ve decided that I shouldn’t worry about this.  Seriously, if these are my worries, I’m blessed!

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