Learning from the young



We are never too old to learn and we can learn from everyone, including the young.  I also think that one of the ways we stay young is to stay in touch with the young: their ideas, music, fashion.  I’m not saying I shouldn’t grow old and grow old gracefully.  But I’m still alive, and I should still be growing.  I’m also not saying that I should try to act or dress like a younger person.  But subtle influences can be nice.

Let’s take hair for example.  When I was in my teens and early twenties there was no YouTube.  There were no natural hair videos.  So now I’m 50.  There aren’t many 50-year-olds on YouTube telling me how to do my hair.  But there are lots of twenty somethings and I’ve really enjoyed listening to them share about their natural hair journeys, styles, and proper care. I’ve learned a lot from them and from the young women in my office who wear their hair natural.

By the way, the very cute girl above is Shinestruck. You can visit her website here.

I tried this hairstyle.  I thought it was cute and I copied it pretty well.  Of course, my husband called me Elvis.  🙂



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