(Based upon Matthew 11:28)

Sometimes it feels that life is just too hard
I have worked so hard and have little to show for my labors
There is still so much left to be done
I have tried my best and fallen short
I am tired
Losing hope
I had wanted to succeed
Get it all done
But I couldn't
But in God
I have rest
He looks at me with understanding eyes
He says to me
I do not want perfection
I wanted you to try
He absolves me for falling short
He takes my hand
Pulls me up out of my defeat
And leads me to my bed
Where he asks me to lie down and sleep
Tomorrow is another day
You will get up and work hard again
You did good

He stays with me until I fall asleep
I sleep hard and peaceful
And when I awake
He is sitting there by by side
Smiling at me

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