Day 21 – Tiny T-shirts

There are lots of decluttering blogs out there. Here’s one to get you started. I need as many as I can get!

Daily Declutter!

My son came downstairs for school on Friday morning last week wearing his VBS T-shirt from 2012 and it was so scandalously small on him that I sent him right back upstairs to change.

So, I thought today might be a good day to hunt around in my kids’ drawers a bit while they’re at school.  After going through JUST the t-shirts, I have a tidy pile to donate. There were things I found in my daughter’s drawer that I actually just moved next door to her little brother’s room (t-shirts with their school name on them), and then I found six things from my son’s drawer to donate.  Apparently he was the one with a big growth spurt this summer.  These shirts are all a bit short on him so we’ll pass them along to the thrift store and hopefully someone smaller can make great use of them.

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