On Divorce

Photo: Alysia Burton Steele

“No indeed.  I don’t like that, talk about no divorce.  No.  If you gonna marry somebody, you supposed to marry them – you said ’til death do us apart.  You hang there.  It’s gonna be dark days, light days, but you supposed to hang there until death do you apart.  And I always say, “Lord, I want one husband, I want all of my children to be by that one man.’ And God fixed it so.  We got 15 heads.  That’s the first man I married, never been married no more and never will.  No, I will not.  And I got 15 children by that one man and I thank God.  And I did just like He say.  We was not divorced.  I’m still Mrs. Moore.  I be Mrs. Moore until I’m dead and gone and I’ll still be Mrs. Moore.”

Mrs. Velma T. Moore, Grapeland, MS from Celebrating the Church Mothers of the Delta, Southern Living Magazine





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