fairy doors in trees


Have you ever heard of fairy doors?  I think they are the most amazing and cutest things!  I’ve never seen one in person and am dying to make one!  My nieces would be thrilled!


9 thoughts on “fairy doors in trees

  1. omg! Just love…love….love adorable cute fairy doors. It would be so much fun to make them while listening to a chapter or two of “The Borrowers.” U just gave me an idea for my next crafts to make. I think I want to make some indoor luxury fairy doors though, buy a few “doll house doors” then decorate them. They would make cute little gifts, especially with Christmas right around the corner & not to far away. I’m thinking to buy some mini Christmas wreaths and paint the doors a christmasy red. Yeah so let me know how it goes and please post some pics. I am sure your nieces will love it too. So enjoy the rest of your labor day holiday. Betty

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