Day 21 – Tiny T-shirts

Originally posted on Daily Declutter!:
My son came downstairs for school on Friday morning last week wearing his VBS T-shirt from 2012 and it was so scandalously small on him that I sent him right back upstairs to change. So, I thought today might be a good day to hunt around in my kids’ drawers a bit while they’re at…

Called to declutter

Lately my biggest desire is to declutter. I don’t know if it’s the basement overloaded with junk, a pull towards simplicity, or my recent love of Amish ways but I am inspired. I am following a blog that has a 10 minute daily declutter task. I will share it when I find it. Do you […]


Source We are all so very tired Yawning Sucking in air Working too hard Playing too hard Sleeping too little As I sit on the train I look into another train There a woman sits Hand over mouth We all need a big nap


Source   Do you look for approval from outside? I do, and I hate it. Here’s a case study: my black and white dress. I have a black and white dress that I love. It’s got big tendricle-like swirls of black on a white background. It’s got a tunic neck and is very loose because […]

The Language of Flowers

I’m reading a New York times bestseller. It’s called The Language of Flowers and it’s a novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh. In Victorian times the language of flowers was used to convey romantic expressions. For example, Acacia for secret love. This novel weaves flowers, foster care, friendship and love into an enchanting tale. I am halfway […]

Poem for Luisa

Source She walks like the air Soft, gentle A kind spirit I see her walking through a meadow of wild flowers With an old boxy black camera Hanging from her neck with a multicolored strap She takes pictures, this one She likes to capture beauty on film She is beautiful in my eyes I like […]


Source (Based upon Matthew 11:28) Sometimes it feels that life is just too hard I have worked so hard and have little to show for my labors There is still so much left to be done I have tried my best and fallen short I am tired Worn Weary Losing hope I had wanted to […]

breaking into sunshine

Source there’s a moment on the subway where we shoot up from underground suddenly the darkness is bright it’s a wonderful moment reassuring there are times in our lives like that after a period of darkness there is suddenly and finally light God is always there to offer light to us no matter how dark […]