The burden of having too much


We are familiar with the burden of having too little.  Not having enough food.  Not having shelter.  Not having family or friends.

What about the burden of too much?  Many of us have too much.  Too many clothes, books, houses, cars.  Here’s a personal example: too many books.

I don’t have thousands of books but I have too many books for my bookcase. I am not a collector so this just means clutter.  It also means that I don’t always appreciate what I have.  When I want to read a book I often look through a hundred books and think, there’s nothing I want to read.  I want to buy another.  It makes no sense!

Try having fewer things.  Buying less.  If you have an urge to buy something – resist.


If you find honey, eat just enough– too much of it, and you will vomit.

Proverbs 25:16

Please check out Material World: A Snapshot of World Possessions. I saw this in book form about 10 years ago and it made a big impact on me.  It shows families around the world sitting in front of their homes with all their possessions around them.  It’s a must see.


3 thoughts on “The burden of having too much

  1. This is a malady many Westerners, including myself, suffer from. I just went through my clothes closet last week and got rid of a massive amount and still have waaaaay too much. Thanks Karyl.

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