Modern modesty


I am obsessed with modesty lately.  I’m dressing more modestly, thinking about it, and following modesty blogs and youtubers.  As with most things, everyone has their own opinion.

Because this is a Godly issue, I have had to come to my own conclusions personally with God.  What does modesty look like for me in God’s eyes?  It’s essentially about my relationship with God.  How does He want me to act, dress, speak, etc.

Modesty is not just how I dress but how I am inside and out.  It’s about covering my body, being respectful, and being humble.  It’s not just about skin but about being more simple.  For example, is wearing lots of bling modest?  For me, no.  As I grow, age and evolve, what I think on this subject changes.

I like the way the Amish women dress.  I live in the English, modern world so it would be hard for me to show up at work in an Amish dress, but I want to dress that way at home! I love it!

I want to dress modestly but I also don’t want to stand out too much.  It is ironic that the Amish are so noticeable  when they started dressing plain in order not to catch the eye.

My style these days is a combination of me (artsy, bohemian, natural, creative, quirky), covering up, layers, simple, and more dresses.  It’s me, it’s modest, it’s modern.




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