Favorite Bible



My favorite Bible is the New International Version Women's Devotional Bible Classic Edition by Zondervan.  It is written in a language that is easily understood. I find some passages are hard to understand because of the content and meaning. I don't like the language confusing me on top of that. Although the King James version is beautiful, it is harder for me to comprehend.  

I also love the devotional and personal pieces that are interspersed. I love that the words of Jesus are in red. I wonder if all Bibles do this. I have other Bibles: a Catholic Bible, a travel Bible, a Bible on my Kindle, and one or two others. I love Bibles.

My husband's favorite Bible is the one his Mom gave him. I gave my son a Bible for Christmas one year.  What's your favorite Bible and why?


4 thoughts on “Favorite Bible

  1. My favorite bible is the first bible I ever received, from my husband. It is beautiful NIV bible with a more modern pink cover. It is my husband who introduced me to God (then just my friend).

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